This page is all about Joey.

He is a celebrity, just ask him!

Like people some dogs have a personality that needs attention and pose often in ways hoping they will be looked at and get more people &animals to see they should be loved.

We love Joey !!!!

 He is now our doggie blogger ...... I think you'll love him too!

Click the link to read Joey's Blog >  (Click HERE for Joey's Dogs In Brazil Blog)



 Joey arrived as a pup and immediately decided he wanted to be a celebrity!!!

He demanded Everyone's attention ALL the time.

He was named Joey because he had to be carried around by humans in a baby sling like a Joey in a Kangaroo pouch, or he would cry loudly!!!



 Joey followed Emmy, one of the older dogs of the family around. He knew she was the doggie blogger for Dogs In Brazil and he wanted to know all about it.


 Sadly poor Emmy died, but Joey had learned the blog business and took over the blog.

He decided he would look sensible for his blog photo


BUT........ Like any good tabloid we have the pics to prove his crazy life 





Arriving to Dogs In Brazil




JOEY & Girlfriend GEMMA

(Don't worry they've both been fixed)


 Whispering a secret location ?



  Heading off to a private location



 Flirting and playing chasing games with Gemma



 Joey attempting to give Gemma Love Bites



 Joey thinks he knows what Love Bites are about





Gemma tells Joey he sux at Love bites and he realises , she's been watching popular vampire series & movies.

Word is Gemma prefers Vampire Diaries and actor Ian Somerhalder as he is big fan of saving animals.



Joey and his best Damon Vampire Diaries Fang Pose

Gemma said she was tired and told him cut it out?



 Joey and Gemma getting ready for zzzzzzz