We wanted to share some links to stories and articles about us available on the internet with you. We hope you will check them out.

Here are some great links to stories about us !


Dogs Days April 29th 2011 - Pluto : The Ugly Puppy
Dogs Days- Dogs In Brazil : Pluto The Ugly Puppy (Click Here to Read the Story) 



 Care2 25th April 2012 - Saving the Incredible Tree-Climbing Dog
Care 2 - Saving The Incredible Tree Climbing Dog (Click Here to Read the Story) 

 Borderless News and Views 2012 - (We won a Sunsuper Grant competition)

Australian Dream Brings Hope for Homeless Dogs In Brazil (Click here to Read the Story) 



SunsuperDreams May 2012 Winners Page - (We were overwhelmed by voting support)
Our SunsuperDreams submission on the May 2012 Winners Page (Click Here to Read the Story) 



The Great Animal Rescue Chase March 2, 2012 

 The Great Animal Rescue Chase - Celebrate the Hero in You (Click Here to Read the Story)




North Country Gazette August 11, 2011 - Shelter On Mission to

                Rescue Dogs In Brazil 

Shelter On Mission To Rescue Dogs In Brazil (Click Here to Read The Story) 



 Digital Journal 2011 - 

Dogs In Brazil Commits to Rescuing Vulnerable Canines (Click here to Read the Story)



In Defense of Animals -
In Defense Of Animals Article (Click Here to Read the Story)