The Story of Meg's adoption to a family In Canada Written by her new mum - Julie Archer

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Megs Story: Julie Archer 


Meg Rescued with pups                 Meg 1st free @DIB 12/04/13              Meg after neutered 

I had been looking for an addition to our family for a while. I have known Jan via my friend Helena for some time and became interested in the work Jan & her husband Carlos did with Dogs In Brazil.

The story of Hope a starved paralyzed dog living a miserable life, they rescued particularly touched me.          [Hope when  rescued]

I was also touched by the wonderful stories of all their rescued dogs, Joey, Gemma, Nina, Guga, Xana, Val to name but a few.


I was going into hospital for major surgery Paul (my Husband) knew I wanted to complete my family of fur  babies and was supportive of adopting another rescue dog.

Post surgery I talked to Jan. There was a lil Black Lab/Retriever I saw Dogs In Brazil had up for adoption. I fell in love with her and called her Meg. While Jan and Carlos were trying to find a home for her in Brazil, I had bigger ideas. I wanted Meg to be part of our family in Canada. 

I set about researching and started the overseas adoption process. We found another family wanted to do the same as us with another pup at Dogs In Brazil named Kipper. Working with Jan and       Carlos, both Meg and Kipper traveled from Brazil to Canada.

These two were the first overseas adoptions Jan & Carlos had organized.There was some paperwork & vaccinations needed with vet certificates.It took some time but worked out fine.Meg and Kipper were loaded on a plane and now have new loving homes in Canada.


Meg & Kipper Ready for plane ride                     Meg at Airport after touch down


                                       Meeting Meg FIRST TIME EVER face to face


 We have made a life long friendship with Jan & Carlos and Kipper's new family. We are so blessed to have Dogs in Brazil in our lives. I love to see the kindness they show unwanted dogs.

As for the wonderful Meg, she is a beautiful soul. She loves to play with her new sisters. Our adopted family dream is now fulfilled.

Thank you Dogs in Brazil for making this possible!!!.

with sincere gratitude Julie and Paul Archer xx Roxanne, Maddie, Meg and Mr B (the cat) xx