Care Packages to

Dogs In Brazil

(postage can be expensive)

People want to help us in many ways, some of you like to send us care packages/gifts in the post.

We love to get your gifts, but posting things to us can be expensive for people outside of Brazil.

Please only send us gifts if you can afford the postage.

Any packages should be marked 'Charity Item Donation'
to avoid incoming taxes here
 Dogs in Brazil ONG 84999
Caixa Postal 92715
AC Teresopolis
Avenida Lucio Meiro 259
Teresopolis R.J.
Cep 25974-970

.....................Our wishlist .........................

Dog Flea Treatments

Dog Flea Shampoo

Dog Soap

Dog Brushes/Combs

Dog Blankets

Dog Towels

Dog Toys

Dog Bowls

Dog Leads

Dog Snacks and treats 

(Please check out quarantine laws where you live before sending)


Note from Webpage Designer - Jan loves Earl Grey Tea

(I think it tastes like washing up water) but Jan loves it and will spend every cent on a dog before a simple cup of tea


  Any expired vet medicine from your vet

 ONLY  if legal to transport (we don't want to get you trouble)